As a professional musician, teacher and instrument builder since 1971, I developed these harps for tone, playability, and economy over the course of many years of offering group lessons at my "School of Magical Strings".
Our lap harps have a remarkably full and warm sound for their size. Their portability and value make them an excellent beginner's choice.
Our large concert Celtic harps have a very warm, graceful and sonically gorgeous presence. The Concert Oladion harp is a 36-string, 5-octave harp based on the same construction as my Concert Oranmore, with all the sound for half the price!
I am always open to suggestions and special requests.

The woods used for these instruments are all maple, with a special maple laminate for the sound box. They are finished with oil varnish, hand rubbed to a soft, golden lustre. Cherry wood, or different colored stains can be used upon request, for a minimal extra charge. Wire strings produce a bright, bell-like tone in the tradition of the ancient Irish and Scottish harps, while the more common nylon strings produce a full, mellow resonance.

Lap Harps

Tristy Harp
Styled after the Welsh harp, the Tristy is appropriate for the individual who needs an affordable instrument, yet desires a rich and well balanced tone. It has 24 strings, starting at C below middle C, and can be made for nylon or wire strings. 34" high.
Price - $460, (Add $75 for Cherry) Case $190
Oladion Harp
We are happy to offer this exquisite harp with its classic celtic/bardic design. With the same 3 octave + range as the Tristy, the Oladion produces a full, bell-like tone with wire strings, and a mellow resonance with nylon strings. 35" high.
Price - $560 (Add $75 for Cherry), Case - $190

Here are some Oladion Harp samples played by Aislinn on the Harp of Light CD
Listen to sample 1

Listen to sample 2

Concert Harps

Concert Oladion Harp
This bold design is based upon the same templates and has the full resonance, powerful bass and beautiful tone of the original Concert Oranmore harp used on all of Magical Strings recordings! All maple construction 36 strings, 5-octave range from 2nd C below middle C, 52" tall.
Price - $2,400, (add $200 for Cherry) Case - $290
New from the harp-making shop:  the Mid-size Oladion – 4-octaves from low G, 30 strings with a big sound!  
New Midsize Oladion pictured in middle
Price - $1,200 in Maple, (Add $100 for Cherry)
Case - $275
New harps

Ordering & Shipping
To order any instrument, a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required. An invoice will be sent, along with an estimated completion date.
Lap harps are shipped via USPS priority, or UPS. Cost is $75-$100 to most places within the continental U.S.
Shipping for concert harps varies, and will be arranged on an individual basis.
Sharping Levers
Brass flip-up levers made by Robinson’s Harp Shop are used on the lap harp models (typically installed on the c’s and f’s for the three most common keys of C, G, and D).  Loveland levers are used for the midsize and concert harp models.  All levers are $15 each, and any number of strings can be specified, from certain notes, to a fully levered harp.  Levers can also be retro-fitted at any time; I can install them as you need them, for the convenience of those who live within driving distance of my studio! 
Soft cases are made of durable blue cordura nylon, padded with dense foam and a soft inner lining. Each case includes a large inside pocket for accessories, heavy-duty zippers and webbing for handles, plus rings for attaching a shoulder strap (not included).

Each instrument comes with a tuning key, information sheet, written music, and a resource list of books and recordings available for further instruction and enjoyment.

All instruments carry a two-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


For more information:

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