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Where Dragons Dance

The Boulding's exciting new CD represents a new step in their musical evolution. “Where Dragons Dance” harnesses the powerful joy to be found in transforming darkness into light. The music is full of captivating rhythms and soulful dialog that invite the spirit to dance.

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Where Dragons Dance Listen
Bells of Ballinskelligs Listen
A Poet’s Love Listen
The Humours of Scariff Listen
Doherty’s Reels Listen
Planxty Noelle/ Slip Jigs
Blasket Aire/ Mike Rafferty’s
The Summer River Listen
Circle Jigs
Fire Spirits
Cossack Lullaby/ Gandii Mod
Molly St. George/ Calliope Jigs
The Unseen Journey - a Requiem Listen

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Our human journey may be imagined artistically as a spirited dance amidst the opposing forces of life. Are we not urged to face the darkness with the light of our inner sun, and transform the dragon lurking below the surface? Our souls seek nourishment to aid us along this path. The Celtic spirit provides this as a greeting ground of past, present and future, harmonizing our own elemental and mystical roots. We are all companions in this dance of life. Ultimately, through our strengths and weaknesses, joys and sorrows, this delicate journey toward human freedom is founded in the redeeming power of love.

Where Dragons Dance

The Bards of ancient times sought to espouse
The mystical three moods, meant to arouse
First joy, and then deep sorrow; thus repose -
Yet how about a fourth? One might propose
Bewilderment! --for these perplexing times,
To guide us through the contradicting lines
Of paradox; of love, and peace, and hate,
And war, and conflict driving mankind’s fate…

If Muses could but seek to part the veil
Of hidden worlds, that shroud the serpent’s tail
Entwined in every striving human heart,
Then love’s redeeming power might impart
A vision of a future world to be,
Where dragons dance, and all is harmony!

©Philip Boulding
November 2001

Dedicated to Elise Boulding



Where Dragons Dance Where Dragons Dance

eCD $14.99
This eCD has an additional track and a slide show of Magical Strings

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