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New 2-CD set
Celebrating 30 Years of Magical Strings


Best of Magical Strings - Dances and Dreams

Pam and Philip Boulding in Ireland“Is it possible to capture the essence of 30 years of brilliant performances and selfless dedication to the world of Celtic music by these celebrated musicians in just a few tunes and songs? How many young lives have been changed forever after receiving a handmade harp and lessons from Philip or a series of evenings spent with Pam learning the hammered dulcimer or lyre? Is it possible to measure the impact of Celtic Yuletide shows that have given hope and joy to so many during the dark heart of winter? What caused my own tears the first time I attended a Yuletide concert way back in the early 1980’s and why does that feeling come back again and again as I return year after year for another measure of this creation that is so uplifting and inspiring? I’m not sure. But it is for certain that this wonderfully artistic family has grown through these last three decades to 3 generations who continue to broaden and extend the core message and example of the Magical Strings way to the far corners of a world that yearns for goodness, substance and warmth. Their life and world is family and music, together… together in such a way that it is impossible to have one without the other. The delightful enchantment that infuses Magical Strings is a great gift to all who see and hear its wonder. Why not make a cup of tea then sit back and savor these moments with the timeless sound and inspiration that is Magical Strings? Thank you Pam and Philip for sharing your talents and your family with us.”

Mark Raney

Philip Boulding

Immerse yourself in a timeless journey with this compilation of gems from Magical Strings in one sparkling 2-CD set!

Track Listing:(Sound clips in mp3) Click on a title to hear a sample.


  1. Knocknagow (CS) 3:09 *
  2. The Mary Medley (ST) 4:51 *
  3. McHugh’s (CS) 2:26
  4. Father Dollard’s (IC) 4:26 *
  5. Mummers’ Dance (BL) 2:43 *
  6. Ferry to Islesboro (IC) 3:54 *
  7. The Rye Medley (AT) 3:40
  8. The Stairs (OB) 3:44
  9. First of Spring (H) 3:50 *
  10. James Betagh/Denis O’Conor (ST) 4:15
  11. Malagasy Greeting (IC) 4:01
  12. Bell off the Ledge (BL) 4:17
  13. The Rolling Wave (BL) 3:09 *
  14. Dance of the Valiha (IC) 2:57
  15. Oud Night (LI) 3:03 *
  16. The Gypsy Medley (jigs) (BL) 3:00
  17. Legend of Inishcahey (LI) 6:31
  18. Bahamian Time (IC) 3:42


  1. Twilight Over Cove (IC) 3:45 *
  2. Astronomer’s Dream (CS) 4:41
  3. The Holy Island (IC) 8:03 *
  4. Song of Love (BL) 3:13 *
  5. Crossing to Skellig (CS) 3:58 *
  6. Warm Island (IC) 4:51 *
  7. Above the Tower (AT) 3:40
  8. Spiral Suspension (H) 4:42
  9. Grand Solace (OB) 3:02 *
  10. Song for Reconciliation (H) 4:02 *
  11. By the Island Knoll (BL) 2:50 *
  12. The Glass Horse (GH) 10:18
  13. Fairy Tune (OB) 2:25
  14. The Everlasting Peace (BL) 3:14 *
  15. Lament for the World (CS) 6:27
  16. Farewell (IC) 4:21 *

Album Key


Glass Horse


Spring Tide


Above the Tower


On the Burren


Philip Boulding – HARP – Song for Reconciliation


Crossing to Skellig


Bell Off the Ledge


Islands Calling


Legend of Inishcahey

MP3 clips require an mp3 player such as RealOne Player, or Microsoft Media Player, or Winamp Player.



Best of Magical Strings
Dances & Dreams

Dances and Dreams CD cover

2CD Set -


Special Yuletide price

31st Anniversary Yuletide Bonus Special
‘Dances and Dreams’ 2CD set along with Philip’s latest acclaimed CD of solo harp originals, ‘Musings’, for $30!

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